Notice of Capital Increase

Real Estate Online, Inc., provider of the “condominium flea market platform Peerman,” raises 45.2 million yen in funding.
~Enriching people’s lives through technology, with a focus on real estate~

Real Estate Online, Inc.

Real Estate Online, Inc. operates “Peerman”, a used condominium flea market platform for individuals.
We aim to provide a “secure” and “inexpensive” platform between individuals.
In order to increase the value of “peace of mind,” we conduct more detailed inspections free of charge for condominiums we handle, based on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Existing Housing Survey Method.
In order to achieve “low cost,” we have realized a low fixed price of 390,000 yen for sales brokerage commissions by increasing efficiency and customer convenience by promoting DXing of customer service operations through online applications and SNS: LINE.
In order to further expand our business structure with a focus on application and system development, we have recently increased our capital through a third-party allocation of new shares to angel investors. The capital has been increased to 87.6 million yen, and 22.6 million yen has been transferred to the capital reserve. We are pleased to announce that the capital has been increased to 87.6 million yen and 22.6 million yen has been incorporated into capital reserve.

2.Background of Procurement and Purpose of Funds
We will invest in the development of applications to increase customer convenience and further strengthen promotions, and will approach various media to attract customers and expand awareness of our services.
We are truly grateful for the angel investors’ investment in our company amidst the self-imposed restrictions of the new coronavirus infection prevention measures.

3.Future Development
In order to meet the expectations of our shareholders, we will soon be releasing an application for the condominium flea market platform called “Peaman”.
We will continue to strive for further evolution of our products and improvement of customer satisfaction.

4.About Us
Trade name:Real Estate Online, Inc.
Representative:Tsuyoshi Kawata
Location :〒530-0002 2-3-13, Sonezakishinchi 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka
Establishment :October 2012
Business:Development and operation of the condominium flea market platform “Peerman”

Real Estate Online, Inc.
Public Relations:Sakai, Natsume