• Digital aging service business


    ー Community Comprehensive Digital Support Project

    ■ Advanced technology business

    Development of AI mentor bot
    Equipped with "ChatGPT", the world's most advanced interactive AI developed by OpenAI, it provides effective advice and suggestions for various problems of elderly people. Social utilization of the accumulated database.

    ■ 100 years of life Kenkatsu AI Partners

    Providing digital aging services that leverage CLASSIX's core competence of DX creation, proposing hardware such as smartphones, smart watches, and smart TVs equipped with the Mimamoribot function, which are the core of DX technology necessary for an aging society, and providing communication lines. We will provide software such as a review, consultation desk using AI mentor bots such as AI nurse avatars and AI lawyer avatars, and health programs using smart watches and AI.

    ■ Heartfulness business

    We will realize a digital twin of prayer by collaborating with real temples in a metaverse environment for online mental care and loss care using apps that make use of DX characteristics.