• VCLP Business

    We will provide comfort, excitement, and peace of mind to the aging society through a system based on VCLP, utilizing the infinite possibilities of the Metaverse for daily life.

    ー Virtual Communication Live Platform  ・ senior guardian   - Watching over Telebot   - Heartfulness Recollection
     ・META Walker   - VR Commerce System   - Local Information Distribution System
     ・heartfulness   - Online Buddhist memorial service: Buddhist memorial service samadai, SHINSEKI-Meet   - Grave Application Pocket Memories   - ”Minganji" in Metaverse Monzenmachi   - Papipu-Pet Funeral   - Wholehearted Reconsideration   - Marutto-Funeral

  • Chat GPT Business

    I have a feeling that people's lives will change dramatically with the advent of Chat GPT.
    CLASSIX will research and develop products that make the best use of Chat GPT in daily life.

    ー Chat GPT  ・ basic research   - mademoiselle ai   - personality assessment   - brain training