• Mind Care Business

    Mental stress about diverse social changes, new corona virus infections and absurd invasion of current world is pent up in people all over the world."CLASSIX of Life, More, and DX" will develop a mind care platform and provide services to those in need of mental care by realizing the ancient Japanese tradition of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs in the metaverse and collaborating with real temples, shrines, Christian churches, etc.

    -Online memorial service search site “Portal site Minganji” -Minganji Temple of Smart Phone ・Online Buddhist memorial service and Dharma talk “Houyou-Zanmai” ・Online Legal Affairs System “Shinseki-Meet” ・“Butsudan App” ・Metaverse SNS “Monzenmachi Manganji” -Online memorial service (permanent management of bones + Houyou-Zanmai) “Tsuioku no Kodachi” ・“Pet” ・“with Pet”

  • Online Solutions Business

    We use virtual reality technology to give people the experience of being in the same place across space, bringing about a digital transformation in modern society where connections between people are fading, and providing solutions that trigger the restoration of conventional communication.

    ・Cloud live delivery, reservation, storage, and parishioner management system for temple and shrine cooperation.“CHO-GOKURAKU” ・Metaverse Commerce Developer Business “Minganji Monzenmachi” ・“Marugoto Virtual Shopping Arcade” 3D walk-through shopping mall ・Live video billing platform “conia”