• Regional revitalization project

    ・Regional media “Machi TV Video”
    ・Free paper video
    ・Shopping system sales
    ・Meta shop system sales
    ・Video production/editing service

  • Elder business

    ・GEE-BAA's protection
    (1-day call service)
    ・GEE-BAA's security
    (identity guarantee, burial arrangement, arrangement during death, inheritance)
    ・GEE-BAA Club
    ・Telecommunications business
    Notification number Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications E-04-04892
    ・Pocket Memories
    (Grave visiting app for pets)
    ・Online memorial service
    (Joint monthly memorial service LIVE distribution from member temples)
    ・Memory Grove
    (Packet interment/App grave/Online memorial service) )
  • Advanced technology business

    ・Genome information Noah's Ark project
    ・Development of cast AI (announcer Natsume AI)
    ・Development of telebot (TV with monitoring camera)