Representative Director and President
Hiroki Yamashita

My lifeEffort
My missionImprove performance

March 1976Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
April 1976Joined Sumitomo Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
April 2008Biwako Bank Executive Officer Corporate Promotion Headquarters
April 2011Senior Managing Executive Officer of Kansai Urban Bank Lease Co., Ltd.
April 2014Student Information Center Co., Ltd. (Najik) Senior Managing Executive Officer and Director of Development Headquarters
November 2017Established H and C Consulting LLC Representative (current position)
April 2020Appointed as director of CLASSIX Co., Ltd. (formerly Real Estate Online Co., Ltd.)
June 2022Inauguration of President and Representative Director of CLASSIX Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and Chairman
Natsume Minori

My lifeKinari
My missionTo develop people. Gathering friends. building a business.

November 1997Hot Pot was split and restarted as EGuardian Co., Ltd. with a change of trade name and Edia Co., Ltd. due to personnel split
December 2010E-Guardian Co., Ltd. listed on TSE Mothers
April 2016Edia Co., Ltd. listed on TSE Mothers
September 2016E-Guardian Co., Ltd. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
October 2012Established CLASSIX Co., Ltd. (formerly Real Estate Online Co., Ltd.)
June 2022Chairman and Representative Director of CLASSIX Co., Ltd.

Director Vice Chairman/Attorney
Tsuyoshi Kawata

My lifeLaw
My missionRule of law

1997Graduated from Kansai University Faculty of Law
2001Registered as a lawyer
2005Kawada Law Office established
November 2019Appointed as CEO of CLASSIX Co., Ltd. (formerly Real Estate Online Co., Ltd.)
June 2022CLASSIX Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman of the Board

Outside Director/Attorney
Masaaki Kitazawa

My lifeOne son and one daughter struggling to raise children.
My missionI want to aim for justice and equality under the law and help people pursue happiness.

March 1971Graduated from Tokai High School
March 1976University of Tokyo Faculty of Law (Bachelor of Law)
April 1978Completed the Supreme Court Judicial Training Institute (30th term) Joined current Anderson Mori & Tomotsune law firm
1981Completed Harvard Law School (LL. M.), USA
1981Worked at Whitman & Ransom (now Winston & Strawn) law firm in New York, USA
1982Returns to current Anderson Mori & Tomotsune law firm
1987Assumed current partner at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
1996Member of the Venture Funding Environment Development Study Group (sponsored by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry)
1998Member of Japan Long-Term Credit Bank Internal Investigation Committee
2007Members of the Space Law Review Committee (sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
2009Member, Task Force on the Financial Crisis of the International Bar Association
June 2022Appointed as outside director of CLASSIX Co., Ltd.
2023 Appointed as advisor to Anderson Mori & Tomotsune Law Office

Katsumi Eitoku

My lifeFamily
My missionAppropriate

April 1975Joined Itochu Fuel Co., Ltd.
April 1984Joined Hiroshi Sugitani Co., Ltd.
September 1987Director of Hiroshi Sugitani Shoten Co., Ltd.
April 1995Director of Eitoku Tax Accountant Office
June 2001External Auditor of E-Guardian Co., Ltd.
December 2005Representative Audit Committee Member, Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture
May 2018Auditor of Sanda City Silver Human Resources Center, Public Interest Incorporated Association
June 2022Appointed as auditor of CLASSIX Co., Ltd.

Executive Officer Vice President CEO
Junichi Akahori

My lifeLive your best today
My missionMarketing

March 2009Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University
April 2009Joined Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
April 2019Joined i-plug Co., Ltd.
October 2022Paddle Co., Ltd. established
November 2023Inauguration of Executive Officer and CEO of CLASSIX Co., Ltd.

Executive Officer Vice President CTO
Yuji Honma

My lifeHUMAN
My missionTrue digital life

1998Graduated from Nihon University Faculty of Law
1998Joined Fujitsu Devices Ltd.
2015Socionext Tensha Co., Ltd.
2018Established current Metadata Lab Co., Ltd.
2023Appointed as Executive Officer and Vice President and CTO of CLASSIX Co., Ltd.

Executive Officer
Kazuki Sugawa

My lifeSales
My missionTo create an opportunity. Think win-win.

Executive Officer
Chiori Aya

My lifeTime with family
My missionRealizing your ideals

Executive Officer CBO
Senri Nagareda

My lifeThere is a fine line between arrogance and dust
My missionMake the community smile