Revitalize Kyobashi with City x Virtual Reality!(Japanese PDF)


To all members of the press.


General Incorporated Association, Kyobashi Area Revitalization Organization


Revitalize Kyobashi with City x Virtual Reality!

~Supporting Local Revitalization with Virtual Technology~

CLASSIX, Inc(Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka; Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Kawada), a provider of the Kurashi VR platform, will collaborate and partner with the Kyobashi Area Revitalization Organization, a general incorporated association(Office: 3-10-3 Higashinodacho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City), with the aim of revitalizing the area affected by the new coronavirus.

1.Background and Overview

The impact of the spread of the new coronavirus and the declaration of a state of emergency has drastically changed people’s consumption behavior.
Kyobashi, the starting point of the Kyo Kaido highway in the old days and now a convenient town with both a downtown atmosphere and a sophisticated charm where offices are located and train lines connect, has also been greatly influenced by the city.

The use of VR, which can convey realistic attractions without the need to visit the site, contributes to the promotion of the city.
VR can be enjoyed in a 360-degree, experience-oriented way. It is possible to simulate the overall atmosphere of a place, not just a portion of it cut off as in a movie.
By posting the VR space on the Web, it can be disseminated to the entire world, creating an opportunity for tourists to visit.

We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Kyobashi Sakura-dori, a town with the aroma of Showa-romance.
Please look forward to “CLASSIX & Kyobashi Community Revitalization Organization” which will continue to support rich community revitalization in the future!


2.Target Area

 Subject: Kyobashi Sakura-dori

Kyobashi x Virtual Map

■Stores and facilities that cooperated with us.

・Daikyo Go Club

・Daikyo Billiards

・Izakaya Okagesama

・Yakiniku Aoyama

・Izakaya Konomi

3.Message from Representative Director

■CLASSIX,Inc. representative director CEO Tsuyoshi Kawata

We have been providing art galleries and residences in VR with the aim of transmitting area information to the world through VR and revitalizing the lives and economies of people who have been exhausted by the Corona disaster. We have been providing art galleries and residences in VR.
We have met with Mr. Sumi, chairman of the Kyobashi Community Revitalization Organization, and with his unanimous support, we have the opportunity to scan not only the stores, but the entire Kyobashi Sakura-dori Shopping Arcade and show it to the world for the purpose of revitalizing the area. We hope you will experience the Kyobashi Sakura-dori Shopping Arcade in VR.
This is the first step for the CLASSIX area division, and we will continue to promote further revitalization of the lifestyle.

General Incorporated Association, Kyobashi Area Revitalization Organization, board chairman Shinichi Washimi

It was in 2015 that we launched the Kyobashi Community Revitalization Organization, a general incorporated association.
Since then, we have undertaken various initiatives over the past five years.
Just before the Corona disaster, I was working to attract Hollywood movie locations in the Sakura-dori shopping district.The filming was successfully completed last February, but from that point on, the current corona disaster and the situation of inactivity has continued.
After the release of the movie, we expect Sakura-dori Shopping Street to become a shopping district that attracts worldwide attention.
Through this VR project, we hope that many people will experience film tourism on location.And in the future, we hope that many people who experience VR will use the Sakura-dori Shopping Arcade in real life.